Introducing Spectrum Life

“Measuring the clinical effectiveness of our interventions is critical to us in proving value to our clients and assessing the quality of our services. As an example we can see after using our mental health services, those experiencing severe psychological distress falls by 90%, and those reporting as healthy rises by 20x. We’re now seeing record levels of utilisation of all of our services as service users seek support.” . Sarah O’Neill, Chief Clinical Officer and Co- Founder.

We have been long-term believers of the digital enablement of mental health services, and with the pandemic acting as a catalyst and inflexion point, the world is beginning to recognise that mental health and physical well-being are core components of overall health.

Mental health & wellbeing support has quickly become a core foundation of the corporate benefits stack.

Supporting over 1,250 companies, Spectrum Life is a platform combining best-in-class mental health support and wellbeing coaching. Within their product suite, there is counselling support along with thousands of eLearning and content modules across fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Stephen, Sarah, Stuart, and the team at Spectrum.Life has a deep understanding of this market. They have executed well to date and achieved strong product-market fit. We are excited to support their ambition to become the mental health and wellbeing platform for the modern enterprise.