Partnering with Spotted Zebra

Our core belief is that employees are happier and more productive when their unique skills – their superpowers – are aligned with roles that use and develop these talents”.

Ian Monk, CEO and Co-Founder of Spotted Zebra.

We are pleased to welcome Spotted Zebra to the portfolio.

Spotted Zebra provides a workforce management platform that allows large enterprises to identify skills gaps within their workforces and fill these gaps through hiring, succession planning or reskilling existing employees.

The skills crisis is one of the great challenges of our time, according to the World Economic Forum. The workplace is changing rapidly, with many skills and roles becoming obsolete while critical new ones are emerging at a rate too fast to fill. 77% of businesses report skills shortages and the WEF estimates that failing to address skills gaps could cost businesses in G20 countries alone some $11.5 trillion in lost growth in the next decade.

But while businesses struggle to fill the skills shortages, there are millions of talented individuals whose skills are being overlooked as they lack the credentials or experience traditionally used by recruiters to determine hiring success.

Spotted Zebra’s platform enables businesses to eschew outmoded job requirements and instead match individuals with opportunities based on the best indicator of role success – skills.

Spotted Zebra’s unique blend of AI, assessment science and human expertise allows organisations to determine the precise blend of skills required for individual roles and then identify people with those skills. This widens the available talent pool while ensuring that successful candidates deliver higher job performance than via traditional recruitment channels.

Spotted Zebra also helps organizations improve their reskilling programmes by matching vacant roles with employees whose jobs are being downsized. This improves talent retention, employee engagement, and dramatically cuts costs.

We look forward to working with Ian, Nick, and the Spotted Zebra team to scale. 🦓🚀