Relationships are personal, built in the good times and the not so good times spent working together.

Our Purpose

We are in a privileged position to be agents of positive change and look to back founders that have a mission and values that goes beyond financials.

Act’s mission is to realise the potential of portfolio companies, management teams and employees to create long-term sustainable value, which in-turn will generate market-leading returns for our investors.

We recognize the effective assessment and management of ESG matters can have a positive effect on the financial performance and value of our portfolio companies. When we make an investment, we ask that each founder will, working on mutual trust and best effort, also agree to commit to an ESG framework to enable the evalution, management and improvement of ESG principles within our portfolio.

Please see link here for more details for our commitment to responsible investing.


Our Principles

We’re friendly and informal people.

We love what we do and match our founders’ passion, commitment and energy while having fun along the way.

We question everything.

We know that to truly understand, you must ignore the status quo, reduce the noise and put everything under the lens. We aim to strike the difficult balance between healthy scepticism and naive optimism.

The people we work with are important to us.

Our management team have worked together for 20 years, and it is a rule we all eat together once a week – so we know each other very well! Life is too short to work with difficult people. We look to invest in good people with shared values.

We value diverse teams.

The business case for diverse teams is exceptionally strong. When there is a gender balance, variety of backgrounds, and experiences, teams are more likely to solve problems and be innovative. They attract better talent, build a stronger culture and build better companies.