Welcome Micron Agritech

“Our goal is to make our platform accessible to vets across the globe, starting with penetration across the Irish and UK markets, which will combat the build up of medication resistance, while giving farmers
and vets tools to monitor animal health, improve the lives of their animals while increasing productivity.

Daniel Izquierdo

We are pleased to welcome Micron Agritech to the portfolio.

Micron’s core mission is to combat the increased resistance to anti-parasiticides and reduce the unnecessary reliance on worm treatments by the agriculture sector, as a whole.

The first product, the Micron Kit allows veterinarians to conduct on-site, rapid parasite testing on animals using their mobile phones, delivering results in minutes.

By leveraging AI and rapid diagnostics, the team is drastically reducing the time, cost and resources expended on dosing methodologies while amplifying farm efficiency and yield. Through this unique data capture, they are also building a rich and valuable data set that can be used to leverage unique insights into animal health trends.

We look forward to working with Daniel, Tara, Sean and the Micron team to scale.