We’re investing in EdgeTier

We’re investing in A.I powered EdgeTier and their mission to revolutionise work for customer service teams.”

11th July 2019

The Problem & Solution

The customer contact centre industry is under intense pressure to deliver fast, accurate, and personalised responses to customer queries across ever-varying contact methods and channels. Built specifically for enterprise customer care organisations, EdgeTier’s automated agent assistant, “Arthur”, uses AI, analytics, and automation to guide customer support staff through complex customer queries while also raising the overall quality of consumer support.

Arthur can decrease handling times by up to 80% while delivering high quality responses and retaining the nuances of human-to-human interaction. Arthur also delivers large increases in the ability of customer care organisations to analyse and understand customer support data.

The Story

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Shane Lynn, Dr. Bart Lehane, and Ciarán Tobin, the firm has several enterprise clients already using its innovative technology in the finance, travel, and insurance sectors. EdgeTier has also been the recipient of several awards including a Data Science Award in 2018, an AI Ireland Award in 2018, as well as being the overall winner of the Deloitte UK Digital Disrupt Award 2019.

What Is The Opportunity?

Shane Lynn PhD, CEO and co-founder of EdgeTier:

“This funding is a terrific enabler of our vision to revolutionise customer-care through human-centric AI. Organisations are running out of road to automate contacts using self-service portals or bots and as a result need to use AI internally to improve efficiency and customer understanding. With this funding, a proven product, and 6,000 contact centres to target in the UK alone, we’re ideally poised to take advantage of this huge opportunity.”

Why Partner With Act?

Bart Lehance PhD, CTO and co-founder of EdgeTier:

“There were two primary reasons why we partnered with Act in EdgeTier.

Firstly, we had spoken to a number of companies who had previously been backed by Act and they all spoke positively about their experiences and the support they had received. We are very much at the start of our journey and we want to partner with people who will support us all the way, as Act have done with a number of companies that we highly respect.

Secondly, we found Act to be very straight with us about what they expected, and very straightforward to deal with. We had very open conversations about our advantages as well as the challenges we will face as a business. This open approach allows us to tackle issues as they arise and seek advice when it is needed from people in Act who have been through similar issues many times before. In short, we feel we can shortcut our path to success by partnering with experts in company building who have seen it done many times before”.


EdgeTier intends to use the funding to hire additional R&D staff and expand sales activity outside of Irish markets, with growth in the UK being a key target.

All current jobs are listed on Act’s jobs board; jobs.actventure.capital and you can join our talent network here.