Welcome Conjura


Some companies have tackled the space in a partial way, mainly because it’s easier and you can get there faster. With us, we came initially from a services background and we were keen to understand the full suite of problems. We definitely understood from working with our early customers that the current solutions were just still only solving part of the problem..”

Fran Quilty – CEO

Conjura offers an analytics and data science platform for e-commerce merchants.  The company is pioneering the next generation of e-commerce data analytics by equipping businesses of all sizes with enhanced visibility over their entire operations on a single cloud-based platform, as opposed to multiple and disconnected tools.  Traditionally, e-commerce data analysis has been confined to one section of operations, such as marketing or customer retention.  

Conjura’s real-time analysis is overcoming this limitation by combining data from fulfilment, warehousing, and supply chain sources, with online/offline sales and marketplace transactions and customer metrics.

The new, integrated approach to data analysis pioneered by Conjura provides automated insights and recommendations across every aspect of e-commerce to accelerate overall business performance.

We welcome Conjura and Fran to the portfolio and look forward to working together to bring e-commerce companies better visibility over their operations that deliver better results.