Introducing Trustap


With companies like PayPal or other ways of paying someone, they only ever deal with the money. That relies on the buyer, etc, in a transaction saying they are happy and the company will release the money. We run all our transactions in a milestone-based way so it doesn’t give power to the buyer or seller to say they didn’t get something, or something didn’t happen, because we are managing the rest of the transaction.”

Conor Lyden

Consumers can find anything they can think of in P2P marketplaces – yet finding a place where you can truly trust the other party is still difficult.

The biggest problem in the P2P payment market is a lack of trust. Most transactions still happen offline, online wallets are quick but not safe, and traditional escrow is document-heavy and designed for large transactions.

Enter Trustap:

– They manage the entire process of the transaction
– The resolution process is preventative, not reactive like many incumbents
– Their APIs are built to seamlessly integrate with existing marketplaces and other platforms

Buyers can track the transaction across each step of the journey with funds held securely and not released until the milestones are complete, with sellers getting transparency over where funds are being sent, verification of the buyer’s identity and options to collect and ship items.

We are delighted to be supporting Conor and the whole Trustap team on their mission to bring trust and peace of mind to online buyers.