Qorvo Inc. acquires Decawave

Act Team

Qorvo Inc. acquires Decawave

Decawave was founded in Dublin in 2007 by Ciaran Connell and Michael McLaughlin. The co-founders had a vision that the new IR-UWB technology, based on a nascent IEEE standard, could deliver ultra-accurate location in a way that would revolutionize people’s lives like GPS did in the 1990s.

Twelve years later, IR-UWB is on the verge of becoming the next essential component technology, like GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before it. Already shipping in millions of smartphones and cars, and across more than 40 other verticals, IR-UWB is enabling accurate indoor location services, secure communications, context aware user interfaces and advanced analytics.

“We have created an incredibly unique technology, but we understand that to embrace the opportunity in front of us, we will need greater resources to execute at scale, accelerate our innovation and product launches and to continue to support our growing customer base with the same level of service”. Ciaran said.

John Flynn led the investment on Act’s side and had been tracking the company for many years previous to the investment. He guided and advised them to an inflection point when Act could make the investment and come onboard.

“John at was one of the first we went to for investment. We were not ready then and he told us so but nonetheless advised me continuously on areas for improvement and focus. And then he joined. This journey would not have been possible without John Flynn and Act. Thank you John”. Ciaran.

Decawave are true pioneers in their field. Ciaran , Michael and the team have worked tirelessly in the pursuit of innovation. The market opportunity and future of UWB technology is immense and they are at the tip of the spear.

We wish the team all the best on the new chapter with Qorvo, and we were privileged to have been a part of the journey.