Partnering with Playter

BNPL for business is a completely different concept to B2C BNPL. Right now, there are very few B2B purchases happening online. We’ve created a platform that gives total control for businesses to dictate what payment terms they want to have, helping them pay over 6-12 months, whilst their suppliers are still paid within 24 hours. Jamie Beaumont – CEO

We are excited to announce our investment in Playter, a company with a vision to be the leading B2B financing platform for SMEs. In participation with Adit Ventures, Fasanara Capital, Fin Capital and 1818 Capital, we believe in the value proposition for B2B BNPL for the underserved SME market and Playter is well-positioned to unlock this value.

B2B commerce is vastly larger than B2C and for too long, B2B payments have been characterised by laborious paper-intensive payment processes that consumers have forgotten.

Consumer fintech has witnessed big winners in BNPL because of the digital checkout and seamless one-click nature of payments. Yet, most B2B transactions do not live online and there is no checkout.

With c.$120 trillion in B2B payments made globally every year, digital payments still considerably lag the B2C market. Before the pandemic, around 33% of B2B expenditure was electronic, compared to around 70% of B2C expenditure. In the US alone, cheques still account for half of the $25 trillion in B2B payments every year.

Over the next decade, B2B payments will see more transactions move onto digital payment rails, more tools to assist cash flow management and more friction removed. Companies have already been built to streamline collections and payments, but Playter is doing that and more.

For SMEs, Playter allows businesses to take control of payment terms. This means that they can spread the cost of software, agency fees, rent, marketing, and many more payments over 6 or 12 months.

For SMEs, the ability to take advantage of annual discounts on software as well as smoothing out cashflow can be invaluable in tougher times. Playter doesn’t just help businesses with cashflow, it also helps redistribute liquidity, allowing businesses to invest in high growth areas such as marketing, hiring and development.” Jamie Beaumont.

By reducing friction, increasing speed and improving cash flow for SMEs, the team at Playter have a compelling value proposition within B2B payments financing, a category where they have the potential to become a leader.