Meet Clearword

Meet Clearword

“We embarked on the ambitious journey of positively redesigning that meeting experience, based on the tools you use and love.David Coallier

Online meetings are driving the workplace today.

We’ve been excited about this trend for the future of work for a long time, and the last two years has been an obvious inflection point to prove that video and remote work is here to stay. 

Almost every meeting can be done via video and arguably more efficiently.

Yet these meetings are not perfect. The important stuff is rarely stored in the same way as over email – that can be searched, referenced, and forwarded. While video calls can be recorded, and there are lots of transcription tools out there – it’s often a laborious task to sift through hours of unrefined text to derive real value and context.

A new category is needed to redefine the experience and deliver more value to both employees and organisations, in order to better collaborate and work. 

Meet Clearword – They are a stellar team that has been laser-focused on building a product to empower companies to use meetings better, and we are proud to be supporting them.

Find out more about Clearword’s seed round here.