From Seed to Exit: Corvil to be acquired by Pico

When we first invested in Corvil in 2001 we saw the opportunity in providing financial markets businesses with technology that would provide actionable and trusted insights. The Corvil team were ambitious enough to see the global opportunity and talented enough to execute. They have gone on to dominate their field and solve some major problems in financial market trading. It’s been a pleasure working with Donal and the team over the last 2 decades and wish them the very best in the next chapter”
John Flynn – Managing Partner, Act VC

We have been partners with Corvil since the very beginning of their journey.

Over the last two decades, we partnered with and supported this exceptional and passionate team transform a raw idea out of an incubation warehouse in Trinity College Dublin, to an international firm with a top tier reputation for innovation, quality, and trusted insights for the largest banks, exchanges, service providers and trading businesses in the world.

These customers and businesses now trust Corvil everyday to oversee trillions of dollars’ worth of trading transactions.

The company has brought a new level of transparency, understanding and insight to the world of electronic trading and have played a meaningful part in assuring the success of our customers’ trading business.

They built a world class team and that team has created a great culture within the company. This culture creates so much more potential in what they have done, and it is that belief that has fueled the motivation to join forces with Pico as it opens up an exciting new chapter.

“In the fast-paced global financial markets, you need to make your move on the markets before the markets move on you. With Pico, we are making a transformational move on the $50 billion financial technology services market.”

Donal Byrne – Corvil CEO