Amwell acquires Silvercloud Heath

Amwell acquires Silvercloud

“While SilverCloud Health’s mental health programmes have been used to support over 750,000 people to date, in partnership with more than 300 organizations globally including the Irish Health Service Executive and over 80 per cent of the UK’s NHS mental health services, our work has only just begun. We are delighted that the next chapter will be from the Amwell platform.

The reach of Amwell provides us with the access and resources to become the true global leader of digital mental health care delivery. The SilverCloud team has worked tirelessly for over a decade, and today becoming part of Amwell enables us to scale against our vision of effective  mental healthcare for all.” ” Ken Cahill, CEO of SilverCloud.

The global healthcare leader is on a mission to break down barriers and improve outcomes in mental health. Through ten years of advanced clinical and academic research, the team at Silvercloud has proven the effectiveness of the platform in tackling such complex mental health illnesses.

Meeting a need

Mental health has been at the forefront of health care as the world dealt with COVID-19 in the last year, and SilverCloud’s years of research have provided a foundation to become a category leader.

We have been fortunate enough to continue supporting Ken and the team through multiple financings and wish this talented team the very best in the next chapter of Silvercloud Health.

Our partner; John O’Sullivan who led the investment for Act said;

“Ken and his team have built an extraordinary business. This is a product that will improve untold millions of lives”.

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