Data-driven decision-making


RecommenderX is an AI company specialising in developing cutting-edge data analytics and recommender systems solutions for the enterprise market.

RecommenderX was founded in May of 2016 with the goal of making it easier for companies to be data-driven.

The RecommenderX SaaS platform is empowered with the best machine learning, recommendation, and data science technologies, which can be repeatedly applied to customer problems in different domains. Automating the repetitive tasks enables companies to become more efficient, freeing up their teams to focus on improving their understanding of their business problems and really driving change.

The success of RecommenderX has been recognised in a number of different ways. In June of 2017, they were one of only six companies worldwide to be accepted into the Mastercard Start Path program. In September of 2017 RecommenderX won the DatSci award for Best Use of Data Science by a Start Up, recognising our contributions to the market in terms of data science and AI.