Solving the manufacturing data problem

Mavarick AI

Mavarick is the AI-driven data platform for manufacturers

Historically, factories have been the testing ground for innovation and technology. However, as technological paradigms shifted from atoms to bits and other industries pounced on data analytics early and never looked back, manufacturing lagged behind.

With manufacturing representing 15% of global GDP and using up to 25% of a country’s energy supply – this is a large market where big problems exist around extracting, understanding and leveraging data. This is where Mavarick comes in.

As we transition to a net zero world over the next few decades, manufacturers must first understand their true emissions and all related data to drive sustainable production.

Mavarick leverages AI to give manufacturers ‘the truth’ about what’s happening on the factory floor – helping them to understand emissions, spot problems, identify process inefficiencies, improve quality and reduce waste.

Born on the shopfloor, Mavarick was founded by data scientists and sustainability champions to solve the data problem for manufacturers.