Eblana Photonics

Advanced precision lasers


Eblana was established out of a common desire to commercialise a scalable laser manufacturing technology which had the capacity to drive down the cost of high performance, single wavelength lasers for diverse mass market applications.

Eblana Photonics has its origins in advanced research programs in photonics involving Ireland’s leading Universities and Research Centres including Trinity College Dublin and the National Microelectronics Research Centre (now Tyndall National Institute). The company was founded in 2001 by Dr. James O’Gorman and Prof. John Hegarty both of whom had carried out research in lasers for data communications at Bell Laboratories (the R&D arm of AT&T). Prior to establishing the company, James had managed the Optronics Ireland facility at Trinity College, Dublin whereas John went on to be appointed Trinity’s provost.

Eblana has solid links with Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, Tyndall National Institute and other global centres of expertise in laser physics and semiconductor device fabrication. In addition, our pivotal role as the lead supplier of laser components to EU sponsored research projects means that we remain at the forefront of technological developments in photonic systems for advanced communications and other sectors.