Know more. Sell more.


ChannelSight makes the world instantly shoppable and enables brands to grow online and offline sales.

Founded in 2013, ChannelSight is on a mission to make the world instantly shoppable. They make it simpler and faster for people to buy the products they’re interested in, and they show brands & publishers what content and ads are working most effectively to drive sales across all digital channels.

ChannelSight has developed the simple – but very powerful – ‘Buy Now’ technology that can be easily added to any digital content across all channels. The technology also captures very valuable data on the performance of content/advertising by leveraging the thousands of retailer relationships we have globally, ultimately enabling brands to optimise budgets and focus on what’s actually working to drive revenue.

With a global network of thousands of retailers in over 50 countries, the ChannelSight platform delivers a directly measurable increase in online sales and market share for brands, with very high average conversion rates and a year one ROI of around 10:1.