Embedded web server & networking library


Cesanta develop & distribute embedded softwares and hardwares, with a focus on connected products and Internet of Things (IoT).

Cesanta is proud to have among our customers many Fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small size businesses.

Security and quality of our solutions is a paramount for Cesanta and the fact that Mongoose Web Server is used by NASA aboard of the International Space Station is the best confirmation to it.

Among their products are:

  • Mongoose Web Server – an embedded web server and networking library
  • Mongoose OS – an operating system for low-power microcontrollers
  • mDash – an IoT management back end
  • CCM – Cloud Connectivity Module
  • mJS – an embedded JavaScript engine for C/C++
  • Frozen – a low footprint JSON parser and emitter for C/C++

Cesanta’s solutions are integrated into over 500 commercial products and deployed to over 1,000,000 production devices.