Alpha Wireless

4G & 5G telecommunications antennae


Alpha Wireless is a market-leading specialist in designing and manufacturing high performing, superior quality antenna solutions.

As the advent of 5G technologies takes hold, Alpha Wireless’ goal is to enable the roll out of next-generation telecommunications networks, globally. As consumers’ appetite for mobile connectivity and data soars, their antennas are future-ready.

Alpha don’t just respond to current problems, they are committed to anticipating the future challenges and requirements of the wireless industry so that they can lead the way with solutions from macro to small cells, indoors and out, with solutions for MIMO, beamforming and concealment.

Alpha work closely with network operators, neutral hosts, OEMs and municipalities to design solutions that meet their individual requirements are cost effective and help overcome environmental challenges and economic pressures, while preserving the natural landscape.

Alpha Wireless antennae improve coverage and capacity. They provide all-in-one, preassembled solutions that minimise the costs associated with field force, labour, rent & backhaul.