Emergency braking systems can only measure approximately 40 meters ahead or one second reaction time at high speeds.

Currently, there are 1,350,000 road deaths every year, 50m injuries at an annual cost of over $2 trillion. In the US alone car accidents cost 2% of GDP.  94% of those accidents are caused by human error, errors current accident prevention systems cannot stop. Today’s emergency braking systems can only measure approximately 40m ahead or 1 second reaction time at highway speeds. To perceive, predict, and prevent accidents you need to 10x the capability of these systems and Provizio’s Accident Prevention Technology Platform combines proprietary vision sensors and machine learning to do just that. The radar backboned, AI on-the-edge sensor suite with ultra-long-range and foresight capabilities can prevent collisions at high speed and in all weather conditions.

“One point three five road deaths to zero drives everything we do at Provizio. We have put together an incredible team that is growing daily. AI is the future of automotive accident prevention and Provizio 5D radars with AI on-the-edge are the first step towards that goal.” Barry Lunn

Car safety focus has until now largely been on a reactive basis or with prescriptive safety measures, these merely minimise damage to passengers, they do not stop the crash from occurring. To prevent accidents advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) need to have greatly increased range and object discrimination capability to see danger long before they currently do. 

Premium used cars can be selected from over 30,000 pre-selected, immediately available vehicles, and purchased or financed completely online.

Including financing with instant commitment, insurance, registration, and delivery to the user’s own door, Instamotion enables a completely digital experience of purchasing a car.

In just 15 minutes, a user can choose his or her own car from a selection of more than 30,000 immediately available, expert-approved, pre-owned cars and buy or finance them directly.

All vehicles are a maximum of 5 years old and have run less than 100,000 km. The purchase is worry-free for the customer: the buyer receives a 14 -day right of return and a 12-month all-inclusive Allianz guarantee, including a Europe-wide Roadside Assistance from Allianz, who is also a shareholder in Instamotion.

“Our mission is to enable a new way of buying a car by building a compelling end-to-end experience for our users and offering car purchase as an all-round service. To make this possible, we are consistently digitizing all processes along the car buying value chain”. Dr. Nikola Dešković CEO

CitySwift is the specialist data engine that powers modern public transport networks.

CitySwift is the specialist data engine that powers modern public transport networks. Created and supported by industry experts, it uses big data and machine learning to drive efficiency, passenger satisfaction and growth.

The CitySwift platform augments and seamlessly integrates with existing public transport technology systems, providing a deeper understanding of network performance and enhanced network planning with significantly reduced timescales.

Instantly visualise and automatically report a customisable suite of detailed reliability, efficiency and demand metrics; accurately predict journey times and passenger demand; and create optimised timetables for improved service delivery and increased passenger satisfaction.