Enabling organisations to provide a wellbeing programme that can have a substantially positive impact on their health and wellness, as well as on the culture and performance of the company.

Mental health & wellbeing support has quickly become a core foundation of the corporate benefits stack.

Supporting over 1,250 companies, Spectrum.Life is a platform combining best-in-class mental health support and wellbeing coaching. Within their product suite, there is counseling support along with thousands of eLearning and content modules across fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Spectrum.Life’s platform thousands of mental health and physical health consultations monthly, along with digital health and wellbeing livestreams which have attracted over 150k attendees since March 2020.

The team importantly has always focused on clinical validation;

“Measuring the clinical effectiveness of our interventions is critical to us in proving value to our clients and assessing the quality of our services. As an example we can see after using our mental health services, those experiencing severe psychological distress falls by 90% and those reporting as healthy rises by 20x. We’re now seeing record levels of utilisation of all of our services as service users seek support.” Dr. Sarah O’Neill Co-Founder

We are all excited to be partnering with Stephen, Sarah, and Stuart to support their ambition in becoming the mental health & wellbeing platform for the modern enterprise.

Deciphex is developing digital pathology software applications, for clinical and toxicologic pathology Their applications improve productivity and help pathologists focus on the critical content.

The pathology industry is beset with increasing caseload and diagnostic complexity, against a globally declining number of pathologists to service the workload.

Digital Pathology, seen as a great potential for productivity enhancement, has not fully delivered on that promise. Some ROI studies have, at best, demonstrated marginally positive return on investment with others demonstrating negative impact on cost post implementation.

Deciphex believes that digital pathology, combined with artificial intelligence, will help make pathologists work more efficiently in the future, and offers a solution to the pending crisis in supply/demand in pathology services.

Deciphex plans to be at the forefront of the digital pathology revolution with cleverly-positioned solutions that deliver on the biggest problems facing pathology today.

iheed provides online, world-class medical education

iheed is leading the way in delivering high-quality online medical education. Built by doctors and healthcare professionals, their platform has over 30,000 users across the globe, and they believe that effective, accessible medical education is the key to providing better health outcomes worldwide.

S3 Connected Health helps leverage digital technologies to make a real difference to healthcare outcomes.

S3 Connected Health integrates evidence-based behavioural science and real-time data analytics to deliver Digital Therapy Management and Patient Support Services that;

  • provide personalised support
  • capture real-world evidence on patient’s healthcare outcomes
  • ensures value is demonstrated to meet growing demand from providers and payors

S3 Connected Health employs 170 people across three main offices in Ireland, Poland and the US. With over 15 years’ experience in delivering digital patient-centered solutions, they understand the needs of their pharmaceutical and life science clients.

S3 Connected Health is part of the S3 Group. Headquartered in Ireland, with development offices in Poland, Czech Republic and Portugal, and with sales offices worldwide, S3 Group has a 30-year track record of creating compelling solutions, products and services for its partners and clients.

With the CR2 software, banking becomes personalised, eVitro Software is a leading international technology company that provide software & services that drive efficiencies and quality in healthcare.

Vitro provides an electronic medical record designed to each healthcare provider’s unique needs, enabling the efficient management of clinical data to improve outcomes and business decisions.

The company has grown internationally and under the new brand Vitro Software it has diversified across industries. Its revolutionary software Vitro enables organisations to move from paper processes to electronic processes while maintaining their original look and feel.