The animal health data platform

The platform’s core mission is to combat the increased resistance to anti-parasiticides and reduce the unnecessary reliance on worm treatments by the agriculture sector, as a whole. Micron Agritech is also keen to protect the limited medicinal arsenal currently in place to combat these diseases while monitoring the prevalence of resistance on farms in Ireland and the UK. The first product, the Micron Kit allows veterinarians to conduct on-site, rapid parasite testing on animals using their mobile phones, delivering results in minutes.

The team believes computer vision and rapid diagnostics will drastically reduce the time, cost and resources expended on dosing methodologies while amplifying farm efficiency. This will also become a rich and valuable data set that can be used to leverage unique insights into animal health trends.

We look forward to working with Daniel, Tara, Sean and the Micron team.

“Our goal is to make our platform accessible to vets across the globe, starting with penetration across the Irish and UK markets, which will combat the build up of medication resistance, while giving farmers
and vets tools to monitor animal health, improve the lives of their animals while increasing productivity.

” – Daniel Izquierdo

Helping manufacturing industries lose weight

PlasmaBound’s Controlled Polymer Ablation (CPA) technology empowers global industry to achieve their sustainability goals, particularly in carbon reduction & battery range extension.

Fundamentally, PlasmaBound’s CPA enables high-speed bonding of ultra-lightweight fibre-reinforced materials in a manner where it will effectively take on a role similar to welding in metals.  This will collapse operational cycle times, extend shelf-life, and reduce manufacturing waste streams, all the while improving ultimate bond strengths.

Thus empowering industries from aerospace to transport and more, to achieve their sustainability goals, particularly in carbon reduction & battery range extensions.

We are excited to continue our rapidly accelerating journey toward having sustainable lightweight materials as standard on vehicles, structures and devices. Right now these are limited by cost and complexity to high-tech applications, or premium price points, with limited real environmental impact.  Pushing recyclable composites into mainstream mass-production will move the dial on all our efforts for a sustainable tomorrow..” Alan Barry – CEO.

HuGridBeyond’s unique and award-winning platform automatically adjusts power consumption and generation in real time to balance the grid and optimise on-site energy performance.

Founded in 2007, GridBeyond works in partnership with Grid Operators in the UK & Ireland to deliver a solution to energy challenges through technology.

Since their launch, they have successfully deployed their award-winning platform at over 350 sites in the UK and Ireland. In fact, they are actively controlling flexible demand across a range of sectors including industrial, manufacturing, metals, plastics, paper, food, transport and logistics, to name a few.