The performance data analytics platform

Conjura offers an analytics and data science platform for e-commerce merchants.  The company is pioneering the next generation of e-commerce data analytics by equipping businesses of all sizes with enhanced visibility over their entire operations on a single cloud-based platform, as opposed to multiple and disconnected tools.  Traditionally, e-commerce data analysis has been confined to one section of operations, such as marketing or customer retention.  

Conjura’s real-time analysis is overcoming this limitation by combining data from fulfilment, warehousing, and supply chain sources, with online/offline sales and marketplace transactions and customer metrics.

The new, integrated approach to data analysis pioneered by Conjura provides automated insights and recommendations across every aspect of e-commerce to accelerate overall business performance.

Premium used cars can be selected from over 30,000 pre-selected, immediately available vehicles, and purchased or financed completely online.

Including financing with instant commitment, insurance, registration, and delivery to the user’s own door, Instamotion enables a completely digital experience of purchasing a car.

In just 15 minutes, a user can choose his or her own car from a selection of more than 30,000 immediately available, expert-approved, pre-owned cars and buy or finance them directly.

All vehicles are a maximum of 5 years old and have run less than 100,000 km. The purchase is worry-free for the customer: the buyer receives a 14 -day right of return and a 12-month all-inclusive Allianz guarantee, including a Europe-wide Roadside Assistance from Allianz, who is also a shareholder in Instamotion.

“Our mission is to enable a new way of buying a car by building a compelling end-to-end experience for our users and offering car purchase as an all-round service. To make this possible, we are consistently digitizing all processes along the car buying value chain”. Dr. Nikola Dešković CEO

Scurri connects & optimises online ordering, shipping and delivery to be simple, effective and adaptable.

Scurri provides software that connects and optimises the eCommerce ordering, shipping, and delivery process.

Rory O’Connor founded Scurri at the end of 2010. In 2013, Scurri started to focus on connecting and optimising online ordering, shipping and delivery by building a simple, effective and adaptable platform.

Scurri adds value at multiple stages along the eCommerce journey. From selecting the most effective delivery option for each package to providing tracking from despatch to delivery.

ChannelSight makes the world instantly shoppable and enables brands to grow online and offline sales.

Founded in 2013, ChannelSight is on a mission to make the world instantly shoppable. They make it simpler and faster for people to buy the products they’re interested in, and they show brands & publishers what content and ads are working most effectively to drive sales across all digital channels.

ChannelSight has developed the simple – but very powerful – ‘Buy Now’ technology that can be easily added to any digital content across all channels. The technology also captures very valuable data on the performance of content/advertising by leveraging the thousands of retailer relationships we have globally, ultimately enabling brands to optimise budgets and focus on what’s actually working to drive revenue.

With a global network of thousands of retailers in over 50 countries, the ChannelSight platform delivers a directly measurable increase in online sales and market share for brands, with very high average conversion rates and a year one ROI of around 10:1.