Buymie’s Jarvis optimisation engine incorporates data to reduce and constrain the distance shoppers are travelling to both stores/customer.

Buymie are on a mission to help people get their grocery essentials when they need them, whilst minimizing the impact of grocery shopping on the world we live in.

The company, which developed a grocery delivery platform that leverages data for efficiencies, was founded by founders, chief executive Devan Hughes, and chief technology officer Artavazd Sokhikyan.

The Company

Both Buymie and us as investors believe there will be a large shift in the way people buy groceries and expect that significantly more will be shopping online in the future. Devan Hughes and all the team at Buymie has shown considerable growth and momentum in the Irish market over the last year, and are now well-positioned to scale.

Existing e-commerce operators and infrastructure that are vertically integrated are not optimized for same day delivery, and the shared infrastructure model Buymie has offers a compelling proposition for retailers.

When Devan first came to us he had a very clear vision and execution plan. Devan and the team have executed on plan to date and shown considerable growth and progress towards these key metrics.