Automating Ai Infrastructure

Inferex is developing a platform and entire stack from the metal up to free up ML engineers from dealing with infrastructure.

Inferex allows teams to convert their trained models into fully-fledged APIs in just a few lines of code. Workloads can be orchestrated across any cloud provider as well as across Inferex’s physical infrastructure.

We are excited to be working with Greg. Find out more about Inferex here.

Ekco is aiming to build the world’s largest B2B Cloud Services Platform, relying mostly on a roll-up strategy to consolidate the currently fragmented market present in the EU.

Founded by two experienced entrepreneurs and industry veterans, Ekco is relying on the tailwinds of a continuing shift towards reliance on the cloud, value adding cloud services are being adopted further and faster in to the running of businesses.

Not withstanding this favourable market shift, the fact that the market for cloud service providers is fragmented means that a lot of providers are being operated sub-optimally and synergies are not being taken advantage of. Through years of experience, the founders of Ekco have developed a unique set of standardized M&A skills and processes that allow them to source, acquire and integrate synergistic cloud businesses in a fast, repeatable and scalable way. Act is an early investor in Ekco, helping to provide the initial capital required to execute the strategy.

The ACT Fund invested in Internet Corp is supported by the European Investment Fund.