Mavarick is the AI-driven data platform for manufacturers

Historically, factories have been the testing ground for innovation and technology. However, as technological paradigms shifted from atoms to bits and other industries pounced on data analytics early and never looked back, manufacturing lagged behind.

With manufacturing representing 15% of global GDP and using up to 25% of a country’s energy supply – this is a large market where big problems exist around extracting, understanding and leveraging data. This is where Mavarick comes in.

As we transition to a net zero world over the next few decades, manufacturers must first understand their true emissions and all related data to drive sustainable production.

Mavarick leverages AI to give manufacturers ‘the truth’ about what’s happening on the factory floor – helping them to understand emissions, spot problems, identify process inefficiencies, improve quality and reduce waste.

Born on the shopfloor, Mavarick was founded by data scientists and sustainability champions to solve the data problem for manufacturers.

GreyScout is a SaaS platform for online brand protection, dedicated to safeguarding brands against the digital threats of grey market activities and counterfeit selling.

GreyScout is a SaaS platform for online brand protection, dedicated to safeguarding brands against the digital threats of grey market activities and counterfeit selling. Trusted by industry leaders, GreyScout empowers brands to detect, verify, and enforce against grey market vendors and counterfeiters with unmatched precision.

Grey market trade is a growing concern that often overlaps with the trade of fake goods. According to the OECD, it accounts for 3.3% of global annual trade, equivalent to a staggering €825 billion per year. Grey market activity continues to thrive due to substantial price differentials for high-end, sought-after items and as well as everyday essentials. Furthermore, the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector, valued at approximately $6.3 trillion, has been further accelerated by the widespread adoption of online shopping and the impact of COVID-19. This inadvertently fueled the expansion of the grey market selling as consumers increasingly turned to online retail. 

GreyScout’s focus lies in addressing the challenges posed by the surge in suspected bad actors and unverified sellers. Through reseller verification and product authentication, the platform automatically removes infringing product listings from the customers’ view. This reduces the manual efforts of e-commerce and legal teams in tracking and boasts an impressive 98% success rate on key customers’ enforcement and IP portals submissions.

Furthermore, GreyScout’s streamlined onboarding process significantly reduces setup time, transforming what used to take weeks or even months into a mere matter of hours.

Powering skills-based organisations

Spotted Zebra provides a workforce management platform that allows large enterprises to identify skills gaps within their workforces and fill these gaps through hiring, succession planning or reskilling existing employees.

The skills crisis is one of the great challenges of our time, according to the World Economic Forum. The workplace is changing rapidly, with many skills and roles becoming obsolete while critical new ones are emerging at a rate too fast to fill. 77% of businesses report skills shortages and the WEF estimates that failing to address skills gaps could cost businesses in G20 countries alone some $11.5 trillion in lost growth in the next decade.

But while businesses struggle to fill the skills shortages, there are millions of talented individuals whose skills are being overlooked as they lack the credentials or experience traditionally used by recruiters to determine hiring success.

Spotted Zebra’s platform enables businesses to eschew outmoded job requirements and instead match individuals with opportunities based on the best indicator of role success – skills.

Spotted Zebra’s unique blend of AI, assessment science and human expertise allows organisations to determine the precise blend of skills required for individual roles and then identify people with those skills. This widens the available talent pool while ensuring that successful candidates deliver higher job performance than via traditional recruitment channels.

Spotted Zebra also helps organizations improve their reskilling programmes by matching vacant roles with employees whose jobs are being downsized. This improves talent retention, employee engagement, and dramatically cuts costs.

The animal health data platform

The platform’s core mission is to combat the increased resistance to anti-parasiticides and reduce the unnecessary reliance on worm treatments by the agriculture sector, as a whole. Micron Agritech is also keen to protect the limited medicinal arsenal currently in place to combat these diseases while monitoring the prevalence of resistance on farms in Ireland and the UK. The first product, the Micron Kit allows veterinarians to conduct on-site, rapid parasite testing on animals using their mobile phones, delivering results in minutes.

The team believes computer vision and rapid diagnostics will drastically reduce the time, cost and resources expended on dosing methodologies while amplifying farm efficiency. This will also become a rich and valuable data set that can be used to leverage unique insights into animal health trends.

We look forward to working with Daniel, Tara, Sean and the Micron team.

“Our goal is to make our platform accessible to vets across the globe, starting with penetration across the Irish and UK markets, which will combat the build up of medication resistance, while giving farmers
and vets tools to monitor animal health, improve the lives of their animals while increasing productivity.

” – Daniel Izquierdo

The computer vision platform for in-store analytics

EVERYANGLE’s platform uses computer vision to analyse CCTV footage for events of interest, without the need for human review. With the number of CCTV cameras deployed globally set to double from 1 billion to 2 billion in the next 3 years, enterprises are increasingly surrounded by oceans of video. However, less than 0.1% of CCTV video captured is ever reviewed by a human being, due to time and cost factors. EVERYANGLE’s unique platform analyses video footage rapidly and cost-effectively at-scale to help retailers and hospitality operators gain rich in-store customer insights, reduce loss and optimise their operations.

We look forward to working with David and the Everyangle team to transform in-store analytics.

“With the number of CCTV cameras set to grow by 100% globally, our platform is becoming ever-more critical to ensuring retailers and hospitality operators can leverage at scale all of their video data to improve the in-store customer experience, reduce theft and fraud, and deliver real operational cost savings. Having had a positive response from the market to date, particularly in the USA, we look forward to accelerating our sales, implementing our product roadmap, and growing our team over the coming months.” – David Owen

Connecting design and code

Modern design tools have allowed everyone to be a designer now, and now more design tasks are becoming automated, the role of the designer is transitioning to more specialised as it becomes more systematic.

Design systems were built to scale design and development – as product complexity and releases accelerated.

Yet maintaining ever-evolving design systems, so design work doesn’t get outdated with the existing code is a complex challenge – enter Interplay.

Interplay wants to re-envision how digital product teams could work together with these new best practices. A shared space where we can work in fast iterative loops, simultaneously working on the same screens from anywhere, moving closer to production with each iteration. The vision is to blend design and implementation, automating repetitive tasks to create a more enjoyable and efficient way to build digital products together.

We are delighted to be supporting Michael & Adam, on their mission to be the one source of truth for design.

The home for your meetings

The team at Clearword developed a vision to make meetings and remote working healthier. They looked at new and existing products and realised today’s meeting experience is disjointed and frustrating, whether it’s setting up a call with someone, trying to remember what was discussed, or catching up with meetings you’ve missed.

With that in mind, they set about to build Clearword in 2021 with the lofty goal of unifying the meeting experience at every stage of the meeting lifecyclebeforeduring, and after the meeting.

They are redesigning that meeting experience, based on the tools you use and love. Plan, schedule and prepare for meetings in a truly collaborative manner, and have those meetings transcribed and automatically summarised into searchable and shareable meeting minutes. All your meetings are in one easily accessible and searchable central meetings library.

We are proud to be partnering with David, and the team to support their vision to empower remote work and improve meetings.

Giving developers privacy tools to launch with one-click from their cloud environment – significantly reducing the barrier of entry to PETs.

It is no secret that data privacy is a major challenge for organisations and that privacy tools for developers are still early.

The newly popularized domain of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), from homomorphic encryption to secure enclaves may play a crucial role in the future of this space, and we believe the Oblivious team is well placed to develop these.

The team at Oblivious are already thought leaders in academia through their work with the UN & Oxford University, and Robert (CEO & Co-Founder) shares his thoughts;

Too often when we think of security and privacy, it feels like another cost that needs to be absorbed by data owners. A technical bureaucracy of sorts. However, what the team and I have found is quite the opposite; projects, collaborations, and partnerships that were previously redlined are now getting the go-ahead!”

We are all excited to be partnering with Robert and Jack to support their vision to empower developers everywhere to deliver real privacy in the digital age.

AQMetrics was founded in 2012 by a blended team with deep experience in delivering regulatory risk and compliance solutions.

AQMetrics recognised that the accepted methods of managing risk and compliance were slow, outmoded and inefficient.

They drew upon the founders’ backgrounds in technology, law and financial services to build a platform that performed markedly better.

AQMetrics was ranked as one of the top 50 European businesses transforming financial services, is looking to double headcount and open an office in mainland Europe on the back of a number of recent big contract wins.

GoContractor is a leading provider of contractor management software specifically tailored for heavy industry.

The GoContractor online platform modernizes the contractor management process, making the process more flexible for both the sub-contractor and their employer. The days of messy paperwork, endless amounts of forms and workers waiting around are over. GoContractor customers enjoy the peace of mind that all workers on site are fully compliant with documentation, qualification and training requirements. 

Employees, contractors and visitors complete their induction in advance and arrive for work ‘pre-inducted’. GoContractor saves customers time & money, improves onsite security by capturing all workers registration details securely in the cloud, and improves safety compliance with administrator instant access to training records.