A new way to buy a used car.

Premium used cars can be selected from over 30,000 pre-selected, immediately available vehicles, and purchased or financed completely online.

Including financing with instant commitment, insurance, registration, and delivery to the user’s own door, Instamotion enables a completely digital experience of purchasing a car.

In just 15 minutes, a user can choose his or her own car from a selection of more than 30,000 immediately available, expert-approved, pre-owned cars and buy or finance them directly.

All vehicles are a maximum of 5 years old and have run less than 100,000 km. The purchase is worry-free for the customer: the buyer receives a 14 -day right of return and a 12-month all-inclusive Allianz guarantee, including a Europe-wide Roadside Assistance from Allianz, who is also a shareholder in Instamotion.

“Our mission is to enable a new way of buying a car by building a compelling end-to-end experience for our users and offering car purchase as an all-round service. To make this possible, we are consistently digitizing all processes along the car buying value chain”. Dr. Nikola Dešković CEO